Friday, July 15, 2011

Are you online more than 1 hour a day?

Are you online more than an hour a day?

If you answered yes, than I would suggest you take 10 minutes of that web surfing time and use Varolo.  Varolo is a new company with an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau.  It hasn't been around long enough to achieve the A+ rating.  Varolo rewards you for doing something that most people do for free, watching commercials.


100% FREE
Nothing to buy
Nothing to sell

Just watch commercials.

Varolo is a permission based marketing company that rewards you.  Why?  Because nobody watches commercials anymore and advertisers know this.  So the founder of Varolo realized that if he rewarded consumers for watching commercials two things would happen.

First, people would watch the commercials if they were rewarded.  Second, advertisers would be willing to pay good money for a large dedicated viewing audience.

Varolo has three primary vehicles to reward it's members.  One is a weekly sweepstakes, which has been growing by $25 a week for the last month.  Two is through points, each commercial is worth points and you can cash these out for prizes.  Third is through earning money by having a village of friends that you have asked to join Varolo.

Varolo is for real, and you need to join.  It takes just ten minutes of your day, then back to your normal web surfing.  Join today.

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How Varolo Rewards You

Varolo has several vehicles for rewarding its members.  One of these is the point system.  Every time you watch a commercial on Varolo you earn points.  The number of points vary based on the commercial.  Average points over the last few weeks is 1 to 5 points per 30 second commercial.  With most individuals generating about 250 points per week.

However this is starting to change, since Varolo's official launch on 17 April, there have been a number of new advertisers.  The last few days I have received an average of 2 movie preview ads each day. (This is my first time getting these and they appear to be new advertising.  Most of my villagers agree.)  These movie previews have earned me between 30 and 60 points each.  I have seen 6 previews, that makes about 240 points in 3 days, thats 10 points less then last week, for the whole week.  So the amount of points earned each week has definitely seen a boost.

As with everything Varolo does, there is a social aspect to earning points.  I can't seem to nail down the exact percentages but you will earn points from your village members.  So the larger your active village the more points you will earn each week.  Again I can't nail the exact number down but it seems to be about a 10 to 1 ratio.  So for about every 10 points a village member earns you gain 1 additional point.  (If anyone can provide more guidance please let me know.)

Now an important note:
Points are not the same as money for Varolo. And no you can't cash the points out for money.  This seems to be the major misconception when it comes to the point system.  Points are turned in for prizes, and only prizes.

The smallest prize being a $10 dollar gift card for Walmart, the largest is an iPad 16Gb.  There are a number of gift cards, MP3 players, and personal DVD players in between.  I am sure as Varolo grows the number of prizes and the variety will also grow.

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How Varolo Works

So the question is, how does Varolo work?
How do I earn money watching commercials, or even why would I get rewarded for watching commercials?

Short answer, Varolo is a profit share mechanism that works similar to television when charging advertisers for air time.

The long answer is below with a little of my own history.

It has been about 5 years since I last watched a T.V. commercial.  I watch T.V shows, I watch movies on T.V., I just don't watch T.V. commercials.  Most of this is due to my DVR, I record a show I like and then I fast forward past the commercials.  That simple.  Same thing with listening to commercials on the radio, I listen to the radio everyday while I drive to and from work.  When the commercial comes on I change stations or I start my MP3 player.  Pretty much I have had an ad free life up until March, when I found Varolo.

So the how and the why of Varolo are both tied into the fact that people just don't watch or listen to advertisements; and the ad agencies know this.  Varolo changes everything by giving you an incentive to watch the advertisement.  Varolo rewards you, the consumer, for doing what the advertiser want you to do, watch their commercials.

Varolo gets paid ad revenue based on the number of active members watching commercials.  This is the same way T.V. shows charge advertisers for the number of viewers who watch their shows.  The main difference is that Varolo has a feedback mechanism to validate that you actually watched an ad; while T.V. just prays you watched and didn't wander off to do laundry or put the kids to bed.

Now keep in mind that Varolo only lets you watch about 20 commercials a day, roughly 10 minutes of your time.  While some might complain about this, it is actually a brilliant feature.  As the number of Varolo members grow, advertisers will have to place higher bids against each other to have their commercials aired during your 10 minutes, over that of their competition.  Again this is just like with regular T.V., the more people who watch a show, the more advertisers pay for those precious commercial interruptions.

So Varolo makes more per commercial view as the number of Varolo members grow.  This means that the rewards to the members grow with them.  This is why it is so important to grow Varolo membership overall and not just your own village.  Every time I see a new member has joined I know that means my own rewards are going up; because the overall number of members is increasing.

This is particularly important for people with small villages like my own.  I only have about 6 active members right now; and thats okay.  I know overtime my village will grow, and while I am waiting I know my village earnings will keep growing, because membership with Varolo keeps growing.

The profit share comes about in the fact that Varolo rewards you the member in three ways.

1.  You earn points for each commercial you watch.  These points vary based on the commercial and what the advertiser paid per view.

2.  Every commercial gets you one entry into the week sweepstakes.  Varolo has grown the weekly sweepstakes by 25 dollars a week since I joined around the first of March.

3.  You earn even more points and money from you Varolo Village.  Your village consists of those Varolo members who joined using you refer link.  You earn a small percentage of each ad they watched based on you degree of separation. I will talk more about the village earnings in a later post.

So there you have it, the Varolo basics.  Just keep in mind a few things about Varolo.

*It is 100% FREE
*You don't have to buy or sell anything
*Varolo takes about 10 minutes a day

So, I hope you will join my Varolo Village and start getting rewarded for watching commercials.

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Is Varolo Legitimate?

So one question comes up when I talk to people about Varolo, in all sorts of forms.

Is Varolo legit?  Is Varolo a scam?  Is Varolo for real?

The answer is yes, Varolo is legitimate.  It is a real company.  The problem seems to be with the way some members are advertising it.  I have searched the web and seen the pages.  Join Varolo and make $3k/month.  Join Varolo and earn $1k a week.  I joined Varolo one week ago and now I make $100 dollars an hour.  This just isn't the way to do things.

Is it possible that you can make a lot of money with Varolo?  Most definitely yes.  But earning depend on the size of your Varolo Village and the total number of Varolo members.

The best way to look at Varolo is that it is a broadcast company without any T.V. shows, just the T.V. commercials.  Advertisers pay broadcast companies based on the number of viewers who watch.  The more popular a T.V. show, the more money advertisers are willing to pay.  The problem with this model is that nobody watches T.V. commercials.  Even if you don't have a DVR, commercials are the time you take to do other things like change out the laundry.  Advertisers know this and are still willing to pay large amounts of money to networks, hoping that a hand full of viewers may watch their ad.

Varolo changes the marketing world by giving you a reason to watch the commercials.  Varolo is a targeted permission based marketing company.  Targeted because you get to say what commercials you want to see.  Permission based because you actually log in to watch the commercials.  This all works to help advertisers know where the money is going.  In turn, you get rewarded for watching commercials by points, sweepstakes entries and village earnings.  These all give you a reason to watch.

So how do you really make money with Varolo?  Just like they do with T.V., it's all about the viewer ship.  The more Varolo members there are overall, the more advertisers will be willing to pay for each commercial that's watched.  This in turn means larger village earnings.  Varolo pays out up to 20% of the ad revenue per view to villages. So in reality the first key to your village earnings is the overall size of Varolo.  The second key, your personal village size, will determine what you can potentially earn.

Starting in April Varolo had about 65,000 members and announced that minimum price on all ads would be $0.01 per 30 seconds.  In the middle of April with roughly 75,000 members Varolo announced that May 1st the minimum on all new ad campaigns would be $0.02 per 30 seconds.  So in just 2 weeks Varolo set and then doubled advertisement costs.  This means it doubled all village earning as well.

As of the 18th of April Varolo had 90,000 members.  It is now growing at a rate of about 1,000 new members everyday.  When they hit a million members, I can see ad revenues at about 10 - 25 cents per view.

If you have a village of 10 members and the average commercial is 10 cents, then each commercial watched will generate about 1 cent for your village.  That means each villager will generate 20 cents each day, or 10 villagers will generate $2 a day.

I believe that Varolo will continue to grow and that within the next year or so they will hit the 1 million member mark. So in about a year a village of 10 people will be earning close to $60 dollars a month.  Remember advertisers pay more for larger audiences. So as Varolo grows, so grow the village earnings.

Varolo is legit.  It is not a scam, though some members might be snake oil salesmen.

You can see that with a few hundred villagers watching commercials you could make some real money, but that's the key.  To make money with Varolo you will need an active Village of several hundred people.  But even a small village has the potential for real earnings as the overall Varolo membership rises.

So that's the truth on Varolo.

I would encourage everyone to join Varolo today.  The sooner you join, the sooner I can help you start growing your own village.

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Varolo Villages

Help grow these villages by joining Varolo.  It is easy to do.
Click on the village link.
Watch the two minute user tour.
Then join Varolo.

Thanks,  and see you in Varolo soon.

My Varolo Village:
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If you would like you village link posted, just leave me a message.
Include your first name and your village link.

How to Grow Your Varolo Village

1. Join Varolo.

Things to look for when joining Varolo. Make sure it is an active village with members who will give you support and help you succeed.

You can find these members here on my site, check out the Varolo Villages page to find active Varolo members who want to help you grow your village.

2.  Establish positive contact.  

Ensure your profile setting are set to receive email from your village.

Every time I get a "Your Village is Growing" email from Varolo, I log in and attempt to establish positive contact with my new village members.  This positive contact is how I get their village links for my page, and later their Varolo reviews for the Member Spotlight.

Without positive contact I can't help you grow your village.

3. Take a few days to explore Varolo before you start working to build your village.

The best way to build your village is to know everything you can about Varolo.  By taking a few days to explore after you join, you will be able to develop talking points.  Talking points are all the reasons you feel people should join Varolo.  You will also be equipped to answer any questions people have.

4. Stay active with Varolo.

Staying active is key to growing your village. By staying active with Varolo and watching all the ads you can, you increase your points, sweepstakes entries and ensure you collect all your village earnings.

Staying active with your website or blog will keep you on top and your village growing from the Internet.  Staying  active with your off line promotions will ensure a steady stream of new members to your village.  Staying active will also keep you in contact with other village members and help with positive motivation.

5. Be honest when you talk about Varolo.

Being honest is something we should all do already. But it is important when talking about Varolo.  There are plenty of scams on the Internet, Varolo isn't one of them.  When you promote Varolo honestly you will grow and develop an active village. Remember having an active growing village is one of two ways to make money with Varolo.

6. Establish your web presence.

The Internet is a great resource.  Best of all there are literally hundreds of free sites your can use.  By picking just a handful of these sites you can establish a web presence and begin growing your village. Whether you have an hour a week or two hours a day, with a bit of time and some work you can develop a constant stream of new villagers.

Join my village or one of my members villages, establish positive contact through Varolo and let me help you start building your web presence.  I have spent the time identifying ways to build and link your site to get traffic flowing to you.  Use my research and guides to develop you own site or blog.  The best part is that everything I do is repeatable by you.

Remember the Internet is at work for you 24/7. So when your sleeping, working or spending time with your family, your village is growing.

7. Take time to grow your village offline.

Just because Varolo is an online site doesn't mean you can't grow it offline.  Lots of people I have talked to are growing their villages through offline promotion.  I put it last because this is one promotion method that takes a little money.

Talk to People

Talk to people about Varolo and I don't just mean your friends and family.  Once you have your talking points you need to talk to people about Varolo. Make sure it is appropriate and then plug your village.  I talk about Netflix when people start talking about T.V. (I only watch Netflix anymore), talk about Varolo when they ask if you saw that new funny commercial.

Business Cards

These should have your village link, and your website on them.  Always keep a few on you to hand out.  Every time you talk to someone new about Varolo give them a card.


This is classic promotion.  You can print up a full page flier and post them around town.  You can do half and quarter page fliers to pass out around neighbor hoods.

Bumper Sticker or Other Car Decal

People spend hours every day in their cars.  If you have a bumper sticker or some other form of car decal you will literally be promoting your village to thousands of people every day.


Get a shirt made and wear it once a week.  This works for hundreds of other business's and rock bands, so become your own walking village billboard.  Do this when your going someplace with high traffic, like the mall. Make sure you have your business cards with you for anyone who asks.


"I have said it many times before.  Varolo is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  This often falls on deaf ears because people see the concept and think they will be rich overnight or that it will be easy.  And while true for some, most people have to work to grow a village.  But if you work at it, your village will grow. As you continue to work at it…it will begin to grow on its own…and that is when things get exciting." - Kevin Prince, CEO Varolo

Varolo is not a sprint, it is a marathon.  Run the race with people who know and understand this.  Join a village with others who are here to run the marathon with you.

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