Friday, July 15, 2011

Are you online more than 1 hour a day?

Are you online more than an hour a day?

If you answered yes, than I would suggest you take 10 minutes of that web surfing time and use Varolo.  Varolo is a new company with an A- rating by the Better Business Bureau.  It hasn't been around long enough to achieve the A+ rating.  Varolo rewards you for doing something that most people do for free, watching commercials.


100% FREE
Nothing to buy
Nothing to sell

Just watch commercials.

Varolo is a permission based marketing company that rewards you.  Why?  Because nobody watches commercials anymore and advertisers know this.  So the founder of Varolo realized that if he rewarded consumers for watching commercials two things would happen.

First, people would watch the commercials if they were rewarded.  Second, advertisers would be willing to pay good money for a large dedicated viewing audience.

Varolo has three primary vehicles to reward it's members.  One is a weekly sweepstakes, which has been growing by $25 a week for the last month.  Two is through points, each commercial is worth points and you can cash these out for prizes.  Third is through earning money by having a village of friends that you have asked to join Varolo.

Varolo is for real, and you need to join.  It takes just ten minutes of your day, then back to your normal web surfing.  Join today.

Join My Varolo village:
Or go to the Village page and join one of my friends.

Join my Varolo village today, and lets start growing yours.

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