Friday, July 15, 2011

How Varolo Works

So the question is, how does Varolo work?
How do I earn money watching commercials, or even why would I get rewarded for watching commercials?

Short answer, Varolo is a profit share mechanism that works similar to television when charging advertisers for air time.

The long answer is below with a little of my own history.

It has been about 5 years since I last watched a T.V. commercial.  I watch T.V shows, I watch movies on T.V., I just don't watch T.V. commercials.  Most of this is due to my DVR, I record a show I like and then I fast forward past the commercials.  That simple.  Same thing with listening to commercials on the radio, I listen to the radio everyday while I drive to and from work.  When the commercial comes on I change stations or I start my MP3 player.  Pretty much I have had an ad free life up until March, when I found Varolo.

So the how and the why of Varolo are both tied into the fact that people just don't watch or listen to advertisements; and the ad agencies know this.  Varolo changes everything by giving you an incentive to watch the advertisement.  Varolo rewards you, the consumer, for doing what the advertiser want you to do, watch their commercials.

Varolo gets paid ad revenue based on the number of active members watching commercials.  This is the same way T.V. shows charge advertisers for the number of viewers who watch their shows.  The main difference is that Varolo has a feedback mechanism to validate that you actually watched an ad; while T.V. just prays you watched and didn't wander off to do laundry or put the kids to bed.

Now keep in mind that Varolo only lets you watch about 20 commercials a day, roughly 10 minutes of your time.  While some might complain about this, it is actually a brilliant feature.  As the number of Varolo members grow, advertisers will have to place higher bids against each other to have their commercials aired during your 10 minutes, over that of their competition.  Again this is just like with regular T.V., the more people who watch a show, the more advertisers pay for those precious commercial interruptions.

So Varolo makes more per commercial view as the number of Varolo members grow.  This means that the rewards to the members grow with them.  This is why it is so important to grow Varolo membership overall and not just your own village.  Every time I see a new member has joined I know that means my own rewards are going up; because the overall number of members is increasing.

This is particularly important for people with small villages like my own.  I only have about 6 active members right now; and thats okay.  I know overtime my village will grow, and while I am waiting I know my village earnings will keep growing, because membership with Varolo keeps growing.

The profit share comes about in the fact that Varolo rewards you the member in three ways.

1.  You earn points for each commercial you watch.  These points vary based on the commercial and what the advertiser paid per view.

2.  Every commercial gets you one entry into the week sweepstakes.  Varolo has grown the weekly sweepstakes by 25 dollars a week since I joined around the first of March.

3.  You earn even more points and money from you Varolo Village.  Your village consists of those Varolo members who joined using you refer link.  You earn a small percentage of each ad they watched based on you degree of separation. I will talk more about the village earnings in a later post.

So there you have it, the Varolo basics.  Just keep in mind a few things about Varolo.

*It is 100% FREE
*You don't have to buy or sell anything
*Varolo takes about 10 minutes a day

So, I hope you will join my Varolo Village and start getting rewarded for watching commercials.

Join My Varolo village:
Or go to the Village page and join one of my friends.

Join my Varolo village today, and lets start growing yours.

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