Friday, July 15, 2011

How Varolo Rewards You

Varolo has several vehicles for rewarding its members.  One of these is the point system.  Every time you watch a commercial on Varolo you earn points.  The number of points vary based on the commercial.  Average points over the last few weeks is 1 to 5 points per 30 second commercial.  With most individuals generating about 250 points per week.

However this is starting to change, since Varolo's official launch on 17 April, there have been a number of new advertisers.  The last few days I have received an average of 2 movie preview ads each day. (This is my first time getting these and they appear to be new advertising.  Most of my villagers agree.)  These movie previews have earned me between 30 and 60 points each.  I have seen 6 previews, that makes about 240 points in 3 days, thats 10 points less then last week, for the whole week.  So the amount of points earned each week has definitely seen a boost.

As with everything Varolo does, there is a social aspect to earning points.  I can't seem to nail down the exact percentages but you will earn points from your village members.  So the larger your active village the more points you will earn each week.  Again I can't nail the exact number down but it seems to be about a 10 to 1 ratio.  So for about every 10 points a village member earns you gain 1 additional point.  (If anyone can provide more guidance please let me know.)

Now an important note:
Points are not the same as money for Varolo. And no you can't cash the points out for money.  This seems to be the major misconception when it comes to the point system.  Points are turned in for prizes, and only prizes.

The smallest prize being a $10 dollar gift card for Walmart, the largest is an iPad 16Gb.  There are a number of gift cards, MP3 players, and personal DVD players in between.  I am sure as Varolo grows the number of prizes and the variety will also grow.

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