Is Varolo Legitimate?

So one question comes up when I talk to people about Varolo, in all sorts of forms.

Is Varolo legit?  Is Varolo a scam?  Is Varolo for real?

The answer is yes, Varolo is legitimate.  It is a real company.  The problem seems to be with the way some members are advertising it.  I have searched the web and seen the pages.  Join Varolo and make $3k/month.  Join Varolo and earn $1k a week.  I joined Varolo one week ago and now I make $100 dollars an hour.  This just isn't the way to do things.

Is it possible that you can make a lot of money with Varolo?  Most definitely yes.  But earning depend on the size of your Varolo Village and the total number of Varolo members.

The best way to look at Varolo is that it is a broadcast company without any T.V. shows, just the T.V. commercials.  Advertisers pay broadcast companies based on the number of viewers who watch.  The more popular a T.V. show, the more money advertisers are willing to pay.  The problem with this model is that nobody watches T.V. commercials.  Even if you don't have a DVR, commercials are the time you take to do other things like change out the laundry.  Advertisers know this and are still willing to pay large amounts of money to networks, hoping that a hand full of viewers may watch their ad.

Varolo changes the marketing world by giving you a reason to watch the commercials.  Varolo is a targeted permission based marketing company.  Targeted because you get to say what commercials you want to see.  Permission based because you actually log in to watch the commercials.  This all works to help advertisers know where the money is going.  In turn, you get rewarded for watching commercials by points, sweepstakes entries and village earnings.  These all give you a reason to watch.

So how do you really make money with Varolo?  Just like they do with T.V., it's all about the viewer ship.  The more Varolo members there are overall, the more advertisers will be willing to pay for each commercial that's watched.  This in turn means larger village earnings.  Varolo pays out up to 20% of the ad revenue per view to villages. So in reality the first key to your village earnings is the overall size of Varolo.  The second key, your personal village size, will determine what you can potentially earn.

Starting in April Varolo had about 65,000 members and announced that minimum price on all ads would be $0.01 per 30 seconds.  In the middle of April with roughly 75,000 members Varolo announced that May 1st the minimum on all new ad campaigns would be $0.02 per 30 seconds.  So in just 2 weeks Varolo set and then doubled advertisement costs.  This means it doubled all village earning as well.

As of the 18th of April Varolo had 90,000 members.  It is now growing at a rate of about 1,000 new members everyday.  When they hit a million members, I can see ad revenues at about 10 - 25 cents per view.

If you have a village of 10 members and the average commercial is 10 cents, then each commercial watched will generate about 1 cent for your village.  That means each villager will generate 20 cents each day, or 10 villagers will generate $2 a day.

I believe that Varolo will continue to grow and that within the next year or so they will hit the 1 million member mark. So in about a year a village of 10 people will be earning close to $60 dollars a month.  Remember advertisers pay more for larger audiences. So as Varolo grows, so grow the village earnings.

Varolo is legit.  It is not a scam, though some members might be snake oil salesmen.

You can see that with a few hundred villagers watching commercials you could make some real money, but that's the key.  To make money with Varolo you will need an active Village of several hundred people.  But even a small village has the potential for real earnings as the overall Varolo membership rises.

So that's the truth on Varolo.

I would encourage everyone to join Varolo today.  The sooner you join, the sooner I can help you start growing your own village.

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